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WowWee MiP - Self-Balancing Robot

WowWee MiP - Self-Balancing Robot

Although not nearly as advanced as I, the almighty Green Head, the cool new MiP is a step, er, roll in the right direction for 21st century home robots. Once activated, this little robot freely self-balances on two dual-directional wheels and is controlled via simple hand gestures or the free app for iOS and Android. It features 7 different operating modes: Motion (hand gestures), Tracking (follows you around), Dance, Roam, Tricks, Cage, and Game and can even be controlled by drawing a path on your smartphone app. It also might seem tiny, but it can carry its own body weight on its removable tray which is about the weight of a soda can - so, it can bring you a drink. Check out this VIDEO to see the MiP in action.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps support the site. Thanks!
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


  • World's first self-balancing robot
  • Balances all by itself and is controlled using hand gestures
  • 7 unique and exciting game modes – Motion, Tracking, Dance, Roam, Tricks, Cage, Game
  • Can carry its own bodyweight
  • Use the free app to drive, dance, balance and battle
  • Perched comfortably atop a pair of dual-directional wheels
  • Trace a path on your smartphone for it to follow
  • Works with both Apple and Android phones
  • MiP can travel at 0.3 mph on a flat smooth surface
  • Tricks: Signal the MiP to sway in all directions and clap twice
  • Cage: MiP is trapped in a virtual cage and it's up to you to prevent its escape by blocking all the exits
  • Game: Stack up objects on MiP's tray while trying to keep it upright

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