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FlyBar Model 1200 - Heavy Duty Trick Pogo Stick

FlyBar Model 1200 - Heavy Duty Trick Pogo Stick

If you're looking to try something new in the New Year, why not try learning the pogo stick? No, not your grandfather's pogo stick, the new Flybar Model 1200. The pogo stick used a simple steel coil spring to bounce you around, but the Flybar uses 12 huge rubber bands that can produce up to 1200 pounds of thrust to rocket you up over 6 feet into the air (the record so far is nearly eight feet). I don't think anyone is too old for this thing, but I definitely recommend wearing a strong helmet!


  • Appropriate for ages 14 and up--supports rider weight from 120 to 250 pounds
  • Elevation potential of over 6 feet--dramatically greater than any pogo on the market
  • Based on a one-of-a-kind, patented, fully adjustable elastomeric spring system
  • Powered solely by leg strength and body weight--no pneumatic or artificial propulsion mechanisms
  • Feels like bouncing on a trampoline--no high-impact jumping

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