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Monopoly Glass Edition Game

Monopoly Glass Edition Game

Monopoly Glass Edition Game

This cool new Monopoly Glass Edition is a beautiful tempered glass version of the classic property trading board game that's designed for the game rooms of the more affluent players in life who are much closer to a monopoly than to bankruptcy. The game plays the exact same way, except it features a clear glass playing surface and translucent houses and hotels. Hmm, as clearly stunning as this version might be, the regular inexpensive cardboard version can survive getting pushed off a table much better on game night when the inevitable explosive fight begins with the entire family as soon as someone gets caught cheating. If you are a more civilized lover of board games, then this one is for you.

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  • Premium edition of Monopoly featuring a beautiful tempered glass playing surface
  • Tempered glass playing surface with acrylic feet
  • Translucent houses and hotels
  • Die-cast playing pieces
  • Storage for all game accessories
  • A striking addition to any game room
  • Size: 18.75" W x 18.75" D x 2.5" H - 7 lbs

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