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Super Mario Bros. Bowser Flag

Super Mario Bros. Bowser Flag

Super Mario Bros. Bowser Flag

After you unleash a legion of Goombas, Koopas, and other assorted minions on the Mushroom Kingdom, loot all the coins, and kidnap a princess, be sure to take down the annoying 8-Bit Peace Sign Flag at the castle and replace it with the new symbol of unstoppable villainous power with this cool new yet quite retro Bowser Flag. This indoor / outdoor flag based on the symbolic flag of the evil Bowser from Super Mario Bros. is perfect for flying high on a flag pole after a good conquering or just raise it up to send an ominous message to others to avoid you and seek a Warp Zone instead. Also makes a cool alternative to the boring old Skull and Crossbones flag.

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  • Bowser Flag is great for indoors and out
  • Materials: Durable nylon
  • Heavy duty brass grommets for maximum flying that's meant to last
  • Size: 3' x 2'

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