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Staring Contest Game

Staring Contest Game

For whatever reason, if you get into a lot of staring contests with people, now you can officially certify that you're a true champion with this cool new World Series Stare Off Game. This fun kit includes everything you need to hold a proper staring contest including a distancing bar that both opponents wear on their heads to keep from cheating and distraction challenge cards, an eye-rest card, and a red card that are all for an impartial referee to use while you both hold focus focus and try not to blink, look away, or laugh. Winning Tips: Practice staring at yourself in a mirror before playing, always start off squinting a bit to help keep your eyes as moist as possible, and try to think of something really sad to help tear up a bit. Good luck.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps support the site. Thanks!
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


  • Staring Contest Kit
  • Hold your nerve and be crowned king or queen of staring once and for all with this staring contest kit
  • Distancing bar ensures you can’t cheat by rocking back and forth or something
  • This is the only way to certify that you’re a proper staring pro.
  • Includes official distancing pole and headbands, distraction challenge cards, eye-rest card, and red card
  • Loads of eye straining fun to be had with this bad boy
  • At any point, the referee can dish out some challenge cards and make you do things like blow a raspberry at your opponent or tell them a bad joke

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