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Super Soaker - 30 Foot Water Blasting Turret

Super Soaker - 30 Foot Water Blasting Turret

Super Soaker - 30 Foot Water Blasting Turret

This summer, instead of just running around in the backyard blasting each other with Super Soakers, try challenging your shooting skills while still trying not to get soaked with this cool new Super Soaker Water Blaster Challenge. This giant Super Soaker water blasting turret connects to a garden hose to unleash an endless supply of water ammo up to 30 feet away while it oscillates back and forth. The only way to stop this never-ending barrage of H2O is to shoot at its integrated targets on the sides, if you can get close enough. Then when its time to battle again, it can also be used as a devastating water blaster that's sure to result in a water fight win every single time. It's also a more exciting way to water the lawn.

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  • This is the water blasting turret that soaks individuals with an endless supply of water
  • Only stops when its integrated targets are hit
  • Hooks up to a standard garden hose
  • Sends a 30'-long stream while oscillating within a 120° range
  • Can also be used as a blaster for one-on-one or team battles

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