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Terracotta Plant Watering Stake / Carrot

Terracotta Plant Watering Stake / Carrot

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Turn any planter into a self-watering one with this cool new Kikkerland Terracotta Watering Stake. This discreet self-watering stake looks like a big carrot and is made from porous terracotta that slowly releases just the amount of water that your thirsty plant needs. To use, just plant the carrot root part down in the soil of your planter, fill it up with water, cap it with the leafy carrot top lid, and then occasionally check the water levels every few days. If you'll be going away for an extended amount of time, you can remove the lid and expand the reservoir with a water bottle or wine bottle filled with water to extend the time up to two weeks. Best of all, it blends right in, well except for the little terracotta leaves sprouting up.

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Terracotta Plant Watering Stake / Carrot
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