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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets

HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets

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Tired of refilling your dog or cat's water bowl? The cool new HduO - Water Dispenser is the world's first home watercooler designed to dispense pure drinking water for both people and pets!

This innovative watercooler uses an array of sensors to dispense water both to a built-in pet bowl at the base of the unit and hot, cold and room temperature water to the top for humans. These sensors allow the removable bowl to be refilled automatically without overfilling it and it can even detect when the bowl is not correctly aligned. Other unique features include safety functions to protect both children and pets, independent control of human and pet dispensers and a dedicated water line to the pet bowl to eliminate backfill.

It's a great solution for pet owners who want a little peace-of-mind that their furry friends always have clean, cold water to drink at home or makes an interesting addition to the breakroom of offices that alllow dogs to come to work.

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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets
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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets
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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets
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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets
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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets
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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets
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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets
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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets
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HduO - Water Dispenser for People and Pets
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