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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial

Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial

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Don't let your dry cereal, cookies, snacks and more go stale in the pantry, just put them in this cool new Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial. This innovative 1.5 qt glass canister features clear markers on a tight-fitting lid that allow you to select the use by date or to set the date when everything was first added. It can sit with the lid upright or tilted forward for easy access and has flat sides that provide space-saving efficiency when multiple canisters are used side-by-side. Great solution!

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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial
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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial
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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial
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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial
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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial
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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial
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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial
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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial
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Glass Canister With Freshness Date Dial
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