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Boxed Wine Dispensing Sphere

Boxed Wine Dispensing Sphere

Boxed Wine Dispensing Sphere

If you prefer your wine from the box rather than the bottle, then at least dispense it from a more sophisticated and elegant vessel like this cool new Wine Dispensing Sphere. Simply take the bag of wine from the hideous cardboard box and place it inside this beautiful wood grain-inspired sphere and dispense as usual. It even includes a freezable gel pack to place inside to help keep your vino properly chilled and an extra three liter bag if you want to fill it up with wine from own collection. Perfect for dispensing wine to guests at parties, wine tastings, backyard BBQs, and more.

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  • Incorporates what we love about boxed wine (bag and dispenser) and upgrades what we don't (the box)
  • Just pop in the bag from your favorite boxed wine or fill the included three-liter bag with your own varietal
  • Included gel pack will keep things chill
  • Wood grain-inspired look goes with any party decor
  • Capacity: 101.44 fl. oz
  • Size: 8" Diameter x 9" H

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