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Rustic Wine Barrel Head Wall Clock

Rustic Wine Barrel Head Wall Clock

Rustic Wine Barrel Head Wall Clock

Keep time while you're sipping wine with this cool new Wine Barrel Head Wall Clock. This rustic wall clock is handcrafted by skilled artisan woodworkers from an authentic reclaimed red wine barrel from the Napa valley wine country. Each barrel head is preserved in its natural state with its distinctive color, scent, and grain pattern, making each clock truly unique. Each clock features accurate quartz movement, large engraved Roman numerals, and a metal barrel band. Makes a great gift for wine lovers and a perfect addition to any proper wine cellar.

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  • Wall clock created from an authentic red wine barrel used by one of the vineyards of the renowned Napa valley wine country
  • Created by skilled artisan woodworkers in the Bow Valley of Western Alberta
  • They expertly refashion the head of the barrel (with its metal hoop) into a clock face
  • Preserved in its natural state, each oak barrel's distinctive color, scent, and grain pattern provides clues about the wine it once contained
  • Accurate quartz movement
  • 2" tall engraved roman numerals
  • Includes certificate of authenticity and one AA battery
  • Size: 24" Diameter x 6" D - 30 lbs

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