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Wine Squirrel - Wine Preserving Decanter - Preserves Wine For Weeks!

Wine Squirrel - Wine Preserving Decanter - Preserves Wine For Weeks!

Wine Squirrel - Wine Preserving Decanter - Preserves Wine For Weeks!

One way to prevent wine from oxidizing and losing its flavor is to simply finish the bottle, but if you prefer to just have a single glass or two at dinner, switch between different wines, or maybe you did finish off the whole bottle and would love to have just one more glass, then keep that extra wine safely preserved inside this cool new Wine Squirrel. This innovative and quite convenient wine preserving decanter keeps your excess wine fresh for weeks in a lead-free crystal vessel that uses a patented airtight sealing mechanism to prevent oxygen from spoiling the wine. It safely stores wine horizontally, vertically, or even upside down in your fridge or wine cabinet, can be reused over and over again, looks elegant on the dinner table, and is sure to make an outstanding gift for any wine lover in your life. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • Revolutionary wine preserving decanter
  • Have a glass or two without worrying about wasting the rest of the bottle
  • Wine will go bad on exposure to oxygen - prevents oxidation
  • Airtight sealing mechanism that keeps wine tasting great for weeks at a time without losing flavor
  • Store in the fridge or a wine cabinet - stores horizontally since the seal is so strong
  • Elegantly designed and hand made from lead-free crystal so it looks beautiful at the dinner table
  • Use again and again without the need to continuously buy consumables such as gas canisters
  • Unique patented sealing mechanism provides an airtight seal that prevents oxygen from spoiling the wine
  • Seal is so effective that you can even store the decanter horizontally or flip it upside down without spilling a drop
  • You only want to have a glass or two of wine
  • Your partner or guest likes white wine but you prefer red
  • You want to compare two different wines
  • You have finished a bottle of wine (with help!) and would like just one more glass
  • Makes a perfect gift for any wine lover

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