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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper

Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper

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Despite Hollywood seeming like it's in a self-inflicted death spiral into oblivion, a few good films still sneak out every once in awhile and they get nominated for the chance at winning a coveted gold Oscar Statue at the yearly Academy Awards. So if you still love the movies, even though the studios seem to want anything but that, then gather up your friends for an Oscars Watch Party, open some wine, and then keep it fresh in between pours and staring at your phone the entire time with this cool new Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper. Honestly, I just watch them for the dramatic slaps, out-of-touch celebrity lectures, commercials, cringe-inducing bad hosts, and to see who they forgot about in the In Memoriam segment. 🍷🎞️

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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper
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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper
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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper
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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper
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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper
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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper
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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper
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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper
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Academy Awards Oscar Statue Wine Stopper
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