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ALIEN Anthology [Blu-ray]

ALIEN Anthology [Blu-ray]

ALIEN Anthology [Blu-ray]


I haven't been buying too many Blu-rays, but there are a few movie franchises I'll make an exception for and that is definitely the ALIEN series. Nothing has terrified me more over the years than these giant acid-for-blood, double-mouthed, elongated-head monsters that start off by busting out through your chest. Well now you relive the terror in glorious high definition with the cool new ALIEN Anthology [Blu-ray]. This massive six disc set includes all four ALIEN films with both the theatrical and special edition versions, over 60 hours of special features (including the never-before-seen Burke Cocoon sequence), over 12,000 images and much more. This sheer amount of ALIEN content is simply too much for me to list, so just check out the press release below.

For added effect, place one of these truly terrifying Lifesize Alien Warriors in the room with you!

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