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The Wizard Of Oz - 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition

The Wizard Of Oz - 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition

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I think one of my favorite movies of all time has to be The Wizard of Oz. Although I'm not really one for old-fashioned musicals, this film, released way, way back in 1939, has somehow never failed to completely entertain me to this day. It's got everthing from great and powerful wizards, wicked witches, evil flying monkeys, angry apple throwing trees, terrifying tornados, fire and black and white to Munchkins, good witches, yellow brick roads, emerald cities, magical ruby slippers, water and Technicolor. Well, the incredible adventures of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and, er, Toto, as they journey through wonderful land of Oz to find the Wizard has been digitally remastered in glorious high definition for this incredibly cool new The Wizard Of Oz - 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition.

If you thought going from Kansas to Munchkinland was stunning before, wait until you see this new transfer. To achieve the highest possible picture quality for this release, the original film negatives were scanned in ultra-high 8K resolution, remastered in 4K resolution and presented here in Blu-Ray high definition 1080p with 5.1 Dolby TrueHD audio fidelity. The set includes 2 discs stuffed completely full like a scarecrow with 16 hours of bonus features, 4 hours of never-before-available content, rare documentaries, featurettes, commentaries, shorts, stills, specials and audio, along with a 52 page commemorative book, a digital copy of the film, a replica of the original film budget, a collectible wristwatch with genuine crystals and a reproduction of the original 1939 companion book. It's got everything, well almost everything, because you'll need to find the Wizard yourself for a brain, heart or courage.

This truly is the ultimate collector's edition for The Wizard of Oz and will make a great gift for any fan of this timeless film, young or old.

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