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Movie Popcorn Bucket List - The Easy Way to Pick a Great Movie!

Movie Popcorn Bucket List - The Easy Way to Pick a Great Movie!

Movie Popcorn Bucket List - The Easy Way to Pick a Great Movie!


Scrolling through a massive list of movie streaming services just to begin the horrendous process of scrolling through endless movie choices, sometimes multiple times a day, is beyond exhaustive. I actually miss driving all the way to a video rental store, spending hours wandering around, driving back home, rewinding the VHS tape, adjusting the tracking, and sitting through countless movie trailers and piracy warnings... because it was QUICKER! So instead of giving up, turning off the television, and watching YouTube on your phone instead, try letting fate decide your next movie to watch with this cool new Movie Popcorn Bucket List.

This miniature movie theater popcorn box (remember those places?) contains 100 crumpled up sheets of paper that resemble popcorn. Instead of having infinite movie choices to choose from, just randomly grab one of these paper popcorn pieces, unfold it, and watch the movie it lists. Every movie in this popcorn box is one of the greatest of all time, so even if you've seen it already, it's always worth a rewatch and definitely better than whatever you were going to settle for 2 hours into the usual zombie-like scrolling process. Each sheet of paper also includes the movie's genre, rating, age rating, running time, cast, director, and year of release. Hmm, or just leave the house and take a walk instead.

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  • The Movie Popcorn Bucket List - Makes choosing a great film effortless
  • The mini retro popcorn box contains 100 pieces of popcorn each featuring one of the greatest movies of all time
  • Each square includes the movie name, genre, rating out of 10, age rating (PG, 12, 18, etc), running time, actors, director, and the year of release

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