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Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass

Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass

Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass

Our sense of smell helps define taste and flavor, which is why you should swirl your wine to open up the aromas, sniff it, and then sip. The cool new Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass has a unique hand-forged notch that lets you truly bury your nose in every sip without it hitting the outer rim of the wine glass. It's kind of genius. It's made from 24% lead crystal and features a unique shaped bowl that aerates the wine rapidly and is designed to be an all-purpose glass for drinking red or white wines. A great gift for any wine lover.

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  • 90% of taste and flavor comes from the sense of smell
  • Intimately engage and capture the aroma of the wine
  • Unique hand-forged notch rim truly enhances the wine drinking experience
  • Designed to be the only true, all purpose glass for drinking red wine or white wine, bold or light
  • Unique shape aerates the wine rapidly and efficiently
  • Made in The Czech Republic
  • Featured in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • 24% Lead Crystal
  • Capacity: 16 oz
  • Size: 9.5" T

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