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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs

Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs

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If you prefer to sip your whiskey, bourbon, or Scotch on the rocks, then skip the melting ice cubes that dilute a drink down with water and keep it properly chilled with these cool new Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones instead. Just pre-chill these iceberg-shaped stainless steel drink stones in your freezer for a few hours and then drop one or two into your whisk(e)y, soda, cocktail, iced coffee, etc. to keep it cool and undiluted. Yeah, I know real icebergs are melting... but you just have to go with it. They come in a set of three, are made from BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel with a premium metallic silver finish and filled with a non-toxic cooling gel, and make a great gift.

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Cat Head Ice Mold
Creates a little cat head-shaped ice cube to chill down your whisk(e)y while generating a smile as the pointy cat ears rise up out of the drink.
3D Grenade Ice Cube Mold
The explosively cool new 3D Grenade Ice Cube Mold is sure to make any drink way more exciting than it ever should be.
Ice Tornado - Silicone Ice Mold And Glass Tumbler
Lets you create your own swirling booze-filled ice twisters before you start doing some actual spinning yourself.
Reclaimed Wine Barrel Ice Chest
This reclaimed 60 gallon French Oak wine barrel has been converted and refinished into a massive ice chest that can hold up to 100 pounds of ice, beer, sodas, and whatever else you can cram in that needs to stay chilled.
Smokey Quartz Whiskey Chillers
There have been many varieties of chilled drinking stones in the past that ranged from stainless steel to soapstone, but none are quite as unique as these cool new Smokey Quartz Whiskey Chillersfrom designer Anna Rabinowicz.
Brainfreeze - Glass Skull Ice Bucket
A human skull-shaped ice bucket that holds 54 oz of ice where the brains normally would be.
Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
You'll feel like you stepped into a creaky old west saloon when you add these chillable stainless steel Whiskey Bullets to your favorite poison.
Coffee Bean Ice Tray
Makes 12 coffee bean–shaped ice cubes from your favorite brew to drop into iced coffees, lattes, and more without diluting the flavor.
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
Freezable and reusable ceramic ice cubes shaped like nuts and bolts that chill down your favorite drinks without diluting them.

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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs
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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs
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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs
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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs
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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs
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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs
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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs
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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs
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Polar Whiskey Chilling Drink Stones / Icebergs
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