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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses

Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses

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If you like doing bomb shots with friends, but dislike cleaning up all the spills and mess created by them, then check out these cool new Party Bombers Shot Cups. These unique disposable shot glasses include an inner chamber that holds 1 oz of booze and a 2.75 oz outer chamber that holds another chaser beverage. They're the perfect party shot glasses for Jaeger Bombs, Cherry Bombs (Vodka and Red Bull) and more.

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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses
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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses
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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses
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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses
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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses
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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses
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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses
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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses
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Party Bombers - Two-Part Shot Glasses
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