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Quench Cocktail Spinner

Quench Cocktail Spinner

Quench Cocktail Spinner

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Unless you're an extreme flair bartender and can juggle and flip shakers and booze bottles in the air, it's not really that interesting to watch a cocktail being shook up. However, I will watch this cool new Quench Cocktail Spinner. Yep, the fusion of cocktail shaker and salad spinner has finally occurred. Just pour your ingredients into this unique transparent shaker, give the built-in pump a few pushes to spin and mix them into a swirling vortex of tasty booze, pour the drink, and give high fives all around. It holds 20 oz, has a built-in strainer, a drip-free pour spout, and is BPA-Free. If you juggle a bunch of them while they're spinning, even better.

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