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The Ultimate Bar Book

The Ultimate Bar Book

The Ultimate Bar Book

There are a few important books that are read for guidance in life and the cool new Ultimate Bar Book is now one of them. This book is the ultimate comprehensive guide to bartending and mixology and no home bar should be without it. Not only does it include over 1,000 drink recipes covering everything from the classics to the newest and trendiest cocktails, it is also loaded with essential knowledge and illustrative references on topics such as barware, garnishes, equipment, tools, terminology, recommendations and tips. It even has handy sections covering non-alcoholic drinks and the best hangover remedies. So next time you are behind the bar and are unsure and under heavy pressure to mix up the best new poisons, concoctions and elixirs, simply reach for the top-shelf and pull out this incredible hardcover book of complete drinking knowledge.

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  • More than 1,000 drink recipes
  • All the classics, from Martinis to Margaritas
  • Exciting new cocktails such as the Champagne Cosmo or Bali Highball
  • Extensive glossary of essential bar equipment from bar spoons and blenders to muddlers and swizzle sticks
  • Recommendations for stocking the home bar
  • Ideas for garnishes and rims, infusions and syrups
  • Recipes using beer, sake and wine in addition to traditional liquors
  • Handy sections on non-alcoholic drinks
  • Punches, gelatin shooters and hot drinks
  • Useful tips for entertaining
  • Soothing hangover remedies

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