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Gigantic Crystal Brandy Snifter - Holds up to 12,000ml

Gigantic Crystal Brandy Snifter - Holds up to 12,000ml

Plan on retiring to the study with your partners in crime to carve up the world a little finer for yourselves all while enjoying fine cigars and brandy? Well, don't swirl around a splash of brandy in a traditional snifter glass, swirl around an entire bottle... or make that up to 16 full 750ml bottles inside this cool new Gigantic Crystal Brandy Snifter! This massive 12,000ml crystal glass brandy snifter should be more than large enough to hold your evening's share of good brandy, fine cognac, or any other spirit you may have an overly abundant supply of. Also available in a tinyish 2000mL size.

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