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SoundAsleep Smart Pillow - Bluetooth Speaker, Sleep Tracker, and Comfort

SoundAsleep Smart Pillow - Bluetooth Speaker, Sleep Tracker, and Comfort

If you have trouble sleeping without some distracting white noise playing and your partner disagrees, then forget sleeping with earbuds in or a fan running on full blast and simply rest your weary head upon this cool cool new SoundAsleep Smart Pillow. This high tech smart pillow not only has a built-in speaker embedded within that can stream soothing white noise, nature sounds, podcasts, guided meditation, music, and more from any wireless Bluetooth device, it also syncs with an app allowing you to track your sleep and snoring patterns as well. It even has an alarm function to wake you from slumber. Best of all, it's a cozy pillow as well.


  • Never struggle to fall asleep again
  • Pillow with a a built-in Bluetooth speaker to help soothe you to sleep
  • Wirelessly connect the pillow to any bluetooth-friendly device (like your phone or laptop) in seconds
  • Listen to your favorite music, TV shows, podcasts, or even white noise
  • It can play whatever you queue up for 8 hours continuously
  • Accompanying app even features a sleep tracker, snore manager, and smart alarm
  • App includes guided meditation to sounds from all of your favorite nature scenes
  • 100% polyester hollowfiber filling
  • Polyester microfiber outer cover
  • 1.5W speakers
  • Bluetooth pillow allows you to listen to ANYTHING as you fall asleep
  • Seriously comfortable and cozy
  • 8 hour continuous playtime
  • Accompanying app provides sleep tracking and more
  • No more faffing about with headphones
  • Charges via included micro-USB cable

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