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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn

Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn

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An old-fashioned gramophone had a single amplifying horn for a speaker, but this cool new yet quite retro-inspired LugoLake Gramophone Turntable keeps the elegant, vintage-looking gramophone design yet updates everything else with powerful, modern technologies. This stunning, handcrafted turntable combines classic form and function to deliver music from two 20W full-range stereo speakers on the sides, a DBB (dynamic bass boost) speaker in the sturdy wooden base, and a 10W tweeter in the decorative copper horn loudspeaker. It can play both 33 / 45 RPM records in either 7", 10" or 12" sizes and also features built-in Bluetooth wireless / USB / and AUX inputs, has an FM radio for extra nostalgia, and includes a remote control as well. It's perfect for eccentric audiophiles, vinyl music lovers, or anyone still around who grew up with a gramophone. They make a version with a CD player too, but does anyone actually miss that? Analog rules! 🎢🀘

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Vertical Wall-Mounted Acoustic Guitar Turntable
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Radio Days Bluetooth Speaker
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iPad Musical Shower Curtain
This ingenious shower curtain has built-in speakers and a touch-sensitive waterproof pocket that safely holds your iPad on the shower-facing side for easy reach and control.
Marshall Amp Fridge
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Custom Song Sound Wave Wall Art Sculpture
Immortalize your favorite song, music chorus, or sound snippet forever as unique handmade piece of wooden wall art.
North American Bird Call Set
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VR3 MP3 FM Modulator - Use USB Flash Drives in Your Car!
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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn
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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn
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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn
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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn
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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn
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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn
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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn
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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn
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Retro Modern Gramophone Turntable With Copper Horn
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