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Grave Markers - Reusable Tombstone Food Signs

Grave Markers - Reusable Tombstone Food Signs

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No matter whether it's a spooky Halloween party, a fun funeral reception, or you're just entertaining friends who are a little strange and unusual, help your guests identify various cheeses on a platter, meats on a charcuterie board, flavors of cakes and pies, and foods on a buffet table with ease using these cool new Grave Markers. This set of twelve miniature, double-pronged tombstones aren't meant for identifying the graves of the recently deceased (although they might be kind of great for backyard hamster burials), they're actually little reusable signs for identifying party foods in a macabre yet amusing way. Just use the included black marker to write on the front of them and then use some isopropyl alcohol to wipe it off after the party ends so they can be reused over and over again... until your inevitable demise. ðŸŠĶ🧀

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Grave Markers - Reusable Tombstone Food Signs
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Grave Markers - Reusable Tombstone Food Signs
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Grave Markers - Reusable Tombstone Food Signs
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Grave Markers - Reusable Tombstone Food Signs
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Grave Markers - Reusable Tombstone Food Signs
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