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iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket

iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket

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The next time you cook, forget the goofy apron and just put on this cool new iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket. This high-tech, self-cleaning jacket is almost completely impervious to spills, splatters, sprays, and stains. It features soft, breathable fibers that are finished with nanoparticles to repel water, dirt, liquids, oils and stains at the molecular level. Liquids simply run off the surface and other residues rinse of easily with tap water. It's not only the perfect solution for staying clean while cooking, it's also stylish enough to wear to the dinner table in lieu of having to tuck an unsightly napkin in your collar. Available in Charcoal, Dark Blue, and Red.

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iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket
This ultra-versatile, sustainable, and heart-healthy cooking oil is made from expeller-pressed microalgae, has a 500-degree smoke point, and a neutral taste.
iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket
This handy tofu press starts with curved plates that end up flat when fully pressed for an even tofu texture throughout.
iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket
It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's this cool new Pan Man - Superhero Spatula swooping through the kitchen and flipping mighty pancakes with ease!
iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket
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iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket
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iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket
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iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket
Activated charcoal derived from environmentally friendly bamboo that absorbs odors, traps bacteria, prevents flavor contamination between foods and regulates humidity much more effectively than baking soda does in your refrigerator!
iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket
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iRepel Nanotech Chef's Jacket
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