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Unbreakable Rubber Vase

Unbreakable Rubber Vase

Unbreakable Rubber Vase

Do you have curious, flower-obsessed cats, kids that like to play ball in the house or maybe you're extra clumsy? The solution is this cool new Rubber Vase by designer Henriette Melchiorsen. This unique and stylish vase not only displays your flowers, it's completely unbreakable. Since it's made from flexible rubber, it can also be molded into various shapes or even folded down when your flowers need trimming. It's available in large or small sizes in black, lime green, pink, red or turquoise colors.

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  • Designer: Henriette Melchiorsen
  • Unique vase that can be molded into various shapes to suit your decor
  • Can be folded down when flowers need trimming
  • Made of flexible rubber
  • Stable when filled with water and flowers
  • Color: Black, Lime Green, Pink, Red or Turquoise (only available in small)
  • Size: Large or Small

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