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Natural Tree Trunk Flower Vases

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Natural Tree Trunk Flower Vases

Normally, there would be trees growing in these cool new Natural Tree Trunk Vases, but now they've been repurposed to hold flowers. These nature-inspired vases may look like they can hold water inside a hollowed out log, but actually they are glass vases encased in a natural 1/4 inch bark exterior. Rustic, natural, and double-take inducing. Available in two sizes.


  • Nature-inspired Timber vases have a glass vase encased in a natural bark exterior
  • Bark is natural and is 1/4 inch thick
  • Hand-crafted design and a durable natural exterior wood construction with an encased watertight glass vase
  • Makes a perfectly stylish accent on any table or countertop
  • Large Size: 5.5" x 20" T
  • Small Size: 5.5" x 12" T

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