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ViviPet Cat Dining Table

ViviPet Cat Dining Table

ViviPet Cat Dining Table

Your furry feline friend is probably already more pampered and well off than anyone else in your family, so you might as well go even further and give them the ultimate dining experience with this cool new ViviPet Cat Dining Table. This innovative wooden cat feeder is elevated to lower stress and joint pressure, tilted to 15 degrees for easier and more comfortable eating, has two cat-eared shallow and wide ceramic bowls designed to reduce whisker fatigue (a real thing), and has a cat grass tray on the side (soil-free cat grass seeds included). To sum it up, your cat really has it made. Mine sleeps on a giant dog bed from Costco, so I get it.

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  • 2 shallow and wide ceramic bowls reduce whisker stress for your cat, enhancing their comfort while eating
  • 15 degree tilted platforms perfect for easy eating and licking
  • Raised stand lowers stress and pressure to your pet's joints and stomach
  • Cat grass tray at the side can be used to grow cat grass, store food, water or toys
  • Knot-free solid pine stand is 3/5 inch in thickness and finished in 7 coats of water and scratch resistant paint
  • Soil-free cat grass tray and seeds included
  • Dishwasher safe bowls
  • Bowls are also perfect for dogs under 20 pounds
  • Nonslip feet and bowl inserts make it not only durable, but also stable

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