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Paw-Activated Dog Water Fountain

Paw-Activated Dog Water Fountain

Paw-Activated Dog Water Fountain

During the sweltering dog days of summer, ensure your thirsty dog always has access to fresh cool water, day or night, with this cool new Paw-Activated Dog Water Fountain. This self-serve dog drinking fountain attaches to a standard garden hose (drink safe preferable) and releases an unlimited adjustable stream of water when the switch plate is stepped on and then automatically shuts off afterwards. It's constructed from heavy gauge steel for strength and durability, has a leak-proof copper valve, rubber friction pads on the base to minimize movement, and can be used by dogs of most sizes with a little training. Best of all, there are no bowls to refill or clean. A great solution to help keep your furry best friend properly hydrated. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • Unlimited fresh and clean water at all times, day or night
  • Paw-activated fountain quickly trains your dog to step up on paw-design pedal
  • Trains your dog to step on the pedal for easy activation
  • No dog water bowls to clean
  • Heavy gauge steel construction for strength and durability
  • Encourages pet to drink more water
  • No leakage due to upgraded copper valve
  • Rubber friction pads to minimize movement
  • Easy installation
  • Install in shady location to minimize effect of sun’s heat on water

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