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Petchup - Tasty Nutritional Condiments For Dogs

Petchup - Tasty Nutritional Condiments For Dogs

Petchup - Tasty Nutritional Condiments For Dogs

When humans are served up dry flavorless foods, we tend to reach for tasty condiments to top them with flavor, but our furry best friends are stuck staring into their bowl of dry kibble with sadness. It probably explains why they wait by the dinner table hoping to snag anything they can get. Well, with these cool new Petchup Nutritional Condiments, picky eaters, older dogs, and regular dogs can once again enjoy their boring dry food while also being supplemented with a healthy portion of vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, omega 3, 6 and 9, and prebiotic. Just squirt a little on top, just like you would on a burger or hot dog.

These fun nutritional condiments are available in traditionally styled condiment bottles and colors such as red PETCHUP (hearty beef flavor), yellow MUTTSTARD (wild Alaskan salmon), white MUTT-N-AISE (roast turkey flavor), and BARK B-Q (savory pork flavor) and all are a great way to give your pooch extra food nutrition. Glucosamine helps reduce joint pain and stiffness, omega fatty acids promote a healthy and shiny coat, and prebiotic helps supports good digestive health. If only our condiments could be so healthy, but you probably don't want to get them mixed up with the ketchup, mustard, mayo, and BBQ sauce at your next backyard barbecue. Catchup, Meowstard, and Meownaise also available for cats as well.

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  • Breaks Kibble Boredom while giving a great daily boost
  • Can also be used to complement wet dog food for small or large dog breeds
  • Each is loaded with 19 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and real food nutrition
  • Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • PETCHUP - Original hearty beef flavor
  • MUTTSTARD- Delicious wild Alaskan salmon
  • MUTT-N-AISE - Roast turkey flavor
  • BARK B-Q - Savory pork flavor
  • Encourages older dogs and picky eaters to eat their entire portion of food or medicine
  • Glucosamine (joint pain and stiffness), omega fatty acids (healthy and shiny coat), and prebiotic can help to maintain a happy and healthy life
  • helps prevent joint pain and stiffness (glucosamine), promotes a healthy and shiny coat (omega fatty acids), and supports digestive health (prebiotic)
  • Works great with any of your dog food brands like
  • Catchup and Meowstard for cats also available
  • Never any genetically engineered ingredients
  • Gluten Free and low calorie

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