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Great Plate - Reusable Food and Beverage Party Plates

Great Plate - Reusable Food and Beverage Party Plates

These cool new Great Plates are one-handed, reusable party plates with built-in cupholders that hold food and drinks together to free up your other hand to eat, socialize, play games, and more at backyard BBQs, while sitting on the couch, tailgating, and more. They even float in the pool and can be tossed like a flying disc too! Their compact design allows them to be easily stacked, are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are made in the USA from safe, BPA-free, food grade plastics. As far as party plates go... they're kinda ingenious and since they're reusable, environmentally friendly too.


  • Perfect for wherever food and drinks are served together
  • Using one hand you can enjoy your food without leaving your beverage behind
  • Frees up your other hand to eat, drink, play games and socialize all while enjoying the party
  • Able to hold a wide range of cans, bottles, cups, or mugs
  • Plate holds your drink and keeps it from spilling without feeling tipsy
  • Premium plastic plates, durable and strong yet light enough to easily hold while you walk and eat at a party
  • Reusable - Easily washed so you don’t have to fill up the landfills after every party
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Design allows them to stack compactly
  • Perfect for parties, work events, tailgating, barbecues, picnics, lunches, poolside parties, sporting events, movie nights and much much more
  • Floats and flies too!
  • Made in the USA from safe, BPA-free, food grade plastics - 100% recyclable

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