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Taco Bar Serving Platter

Taco Bar Serving Platter

Taco Bar Serving Platter

No matter whether you celebrate taco Tuesdays or tacos all the time, now you can serve them up with your family and friends without a whole mess of various topping bowls with this cool new Mud Pie Taco bar Condiment Serving Platter. This convenient ceramic taco topping platter has individual compartments for serving up lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, tortillas, and more with only one dish to wash after the feast. Each section is labelled in case you forget what goes on a taco and it includes a silver-plated spoon for dishing up the toppings as well. Makes a great gift for taco lovers and could also be used for serving up chips and various dips as well. Mmmm, tacos sound mighty tasty right about now.

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