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PinPres Shelf - Giant Interactive Pin Press Storage Shelf

PinPres Shelf - Giant Interactive Pin Press Storage Shelf

Remember those boxes full of pins that you could press on one side to make them pop out on the other so it looked like your hand or face was emerging through? Now take that concept, blow it up to kid size and you get this cool new PinPres Shelf. This gigantic interactive pin press storage shelf allows one to move the beech wood pegs in and out to make room for objects like books, toys, and more. They come in either a standalone floor version or a mini wall-hanging version and are 100% handmade. Hmm, too bad you don't have a massive hand to press into it, but I guess now you could just press in your entire body to make a 3D impression of it.


  • Designer: OOO My Design
  • Interactive storage art
  • Constructed of finely chiselled, locally forested beech wood pegs that can be arranged in any which way to fit any shelving needs
  • 100% Handmade
  • Main body can be of natural pine plywood, or white lackquered
  • Pins can be of natural beechwood, or stained by immersion in one of the 4 colors
  • Colors: lipstick-red, natural-wood, passion-purple, sunny-yellow, true-blue
  • Size Standalone: 39" x 18.5" x 41" approx.
  • Size Wall Mounted: 20" x 14" x 20" approx.

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