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Telescoping Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Telescoping Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Telescoping Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Ensure your huge collection of priceless (to you) Christmas ornaments are properly protected when stored away and easy to find and access when placed around the tree with this cool new Deluxe Ornament Keeper from TreeKeeper. This convenient Christmas ornament storage box holds up to 120 ornaments in 5 removable trays with movable separators that telescope up and down to help prevent pack pain. Each tray holds up to 24 ornaments up to 4 inches tall by nearly any width and length and features acid free lining to prevent discoloration and damage, natural air cushion padding, and adjustable dividers. When not in use, it all compacts back down and zips up with a cover for space-saving, off-season storage. Great solution.

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  • Telescoping Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Dividers
  • Holds 120 Ornaments up to 4 Inches Tall by Nearly Any Width and Length
  • 5 Removable Trays with Moving Separators - Remove each tray to carry around the tree while placing ornaments (24 ornaments per tray)
  • Trays attach to a telescoping stand to raise them up to a taller height, preventing you from having to lean over so far causing back pain
  • ACID FREE TRAY LINING - Prevent discoloration and damage to your decorations
  • AIR CUSHION PADDING - Fabric hangs from rods to provide a natural "Air Cushion" protection
  • TELESCOPING FRAME - Extending Metal Frame allows for access without bending
  • ADJUSTABLE DIVIDERS - Adjust to fit all your odd shaped ornaments
  • Protect your irreplaceable ornaments to ensure a lifetime of use
  • Saves space when compacted

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