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Double Door Wreath

Double Door Wreath

Double Door Wreath

If your home has a double door, hanging a single wreath in the center of it during the holidays is a bit of an issue. Rather than getting individual wreaths for each door, just get this cool new Double Door Wreath instead. This festive pre-lit Christmas wreath is designed for double doors with two halves that come together when the doors are closed or split apart when the doors are opened. It features faux evergreen tips, pinecones, berries, an oversized red bow, 100 warm white lights, and a metal door hanger for each half. Clever.

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  • Double Door Wreath comes in two pieces so that one half of the wreath hangs on each door of a two-door entryway
  • Open and close doors individually and wreath stays put
  • Lit with 100 warm white lights, each side has its own battery pack
  • Oversized 2-piece Christmas wreath
  • Display as one wreath across two doors
  • Faux evergreen, pinecones, berries
  • Oversized red velvet, wired-edge bow on right side only
  • 100 warm white lights total
  • Easy two-piece, off-season storage
  • Indoor/outdoor versatility
  • Built on metal frame
  • Each side has its own attached, over-the-door, metal hanger
  • Hardware included to attach sides (4 sets screws/bolts)
  • Powered by four D batteries total: two each side
  • Size: 40" Diameter x 5" D - 7 lbs

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