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Festive Bird Seed Tree Ornaments and String Lights

Festive Bird Seed Tree Ornaments and String Lights

Festive Bird Seed Tree Ornaments and String Lights

Make your backyard a bit more festive this holiday season, at least for the neighborhood birds, when you trim outdoor trees with these cool new Bird Seed Tree Ornaments and String Lights. These holiday ornament-inspired natural bird treats are handcrafted from locally grown bird seed to resemble Christmas wreaths, gingerbread men, and vintage string lights. and more. Not only are they sure to attract plenty of new songbird friends to your yard to help celebrate the holidays, they're also quite decorative when hung from evergreens and tree branches around your yard.

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  • Trim a Tree for the Birds
  • Solid seed ornaments provide protein, fat, and fiber
  • Give your winter garden a festive flair
  • Decorate an outdoor tree with these colorful birdseed ornament string lights
  • Drape the light string around the branches of a tree and watch birds gather for a nibble
  • Designed to resemble vintage old-time Christmas lights
  • 60" L string with 10 colorful birdseed "bulbs"
  • Oat groats, safflower seeds, canola seeds, white proso millet, edible glue, jute twine
  • A delightful and unique gift for nature lovers of all ages
  • Arrive nestled into a vintage-inspired box, ready to give to family, friends, and anyone who appreciates nature
  • Handcrafted by artisans in the USA from locally grown seed

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