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Three Tower Castle Birdhouse with Dragon Weathervane

Three Tower Castle Birdhouse with Dragon Weathervane

Three Tower Castle Birdhouse with Dragon Weathervane

This cool new yet quite medieval Three Tower Castle Birdhouse lets your favorite neighborhood feathered friends, some might be fiends, upgrade their simple peasant nests to something a bit more regal and stately. This miniature three tower castle has two majestic residential towers with 1.25 inch entrance holes for small birds like wrens, finches, and chickadees, a faux gatehouse, a real river rock base, a working dragon weathervane on top for birds to gather wind direction info, and removable tops for human maid service. If you need a post to mount it, that's available separately, so no moat will be needed.

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  • Three Towers Castle Birdhouse is truly a regal palace for your noble feathered friends
  • Two tallest towers each have a 1.25" entry hole, making it perfect for small, cavity-dwelling birds such as wrens, finches, chickadees and titmice
  • Faux gatehouse keeps watch over the imaginary moat from atop the real river rock base
  • Working weathervane will always let you know which way the wind is blowing
  • Tops of the two tall towers remove easily for cleaning
  • Tops of towers remove for cleaning
  • Suitable for display atop a mounting post (sold separately)
  • Size: 7.75" L x 9" W x 16.5" H

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