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Viper Dragon Sculptural Fountain

Viper Dragon Sculptural Fountain

Viper Dragon Sculptural Fountain

Terrifying fire-breathing dragons and peaceful tranquility are two things that normally don't go together, but that all changes with this cool new yet quite medieval-inspired Viper Dragon Sculptural Fountain from Design Toscano. Unlike other outdoor urn fountains, this one has a huge winged dragon perched on top of it with water (possibly dragon drool) flowing from it's fanged maw instead of the typically destructive fire breath. The overflowing pool of water is then illuminated from below by four white LED lights to give it some mysterious ambiance in the evenings. It's hand-cast from real crushed stone that is bonded with high quality designer resin and then hand-painted with intricate detail. It's perfect for castle courtyards, patios, gardens, dungeons, or just gargoyle lovers who enjoy the soothing sounds of falling water. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • A steely-eyed Gothic Viper Dragon gazes into the legendary illuminated pools from his perch
  • Intricately sculpted from the beast's spiny wings to the artistically rendered, dark and mysterious water urn
  • 170 gallon per hour pump with 6 foot long cord
  • Pool of cascading water lit from below 1 LED light cluster with 4 white bulbs
  • Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin
  • Amazingly detailed, hand-painted finish
  • Size: 19" W x 19" D x 30.5" H - 20 lbs

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