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Xavier Fire and Water Fountain

Xavier Fire and Water Fountain

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The ancient philosophers believed in only four classical elements comprising all matter: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water and now you can almost experience them all at once while you surrender to blissful serenity on your patio with this cool new Xavier Fire and Water Fountain. This almost three foot tall jar-shaped outdoor fountain has textured sides to allow the overflowing water to trickle down to a recirculating basin in the base and a flaming tiki torch oil lamp on top that burns just above the waterline. It features a tough resin body that looks like carved stone, a fiberglass wick, and a hidden steel canister that holds traditional lamp oil. It definitely adds a bit more zen-like interest to your backyard than a boring old tiki torch.

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Cascading Fondue Fountain - Chocolate, Cheese, Ranch, Sauces, and More
A mesmerizing stainless steel fondue fountain that sends an elegant flow of chocolate, nacho cheese, ranch, sauces, and much more down four cascading tiers.
Magic Dancing Water Bowl
Simply fill the bowl with water, gently rub the handles and eventually the sonic vibrations will make the bowl sing as well as splash the water up and down like it was dancing.
Kyoto Outdoor Floor Fountain
This geometric Asian-inspired outdoor floor fountain features a wooden pedestal stand, a tiered upper fountain bowl that produces four streams of relaxing falling water, and LEDs to illuminate the water with shimmering effects at night.
Gossamer Falls - Amazing Waterfall Fountain
I really hate sitting at a desk all day. I usually just stare out the window and imagine being somewhere else. Well until vacation I can only dream or I could just stare in awe at the amazing handcrafted copper Gossamer Falls Waterfall Fountain on the corner of my desk. This isn't your everday normal tabletop fountain, this one pours over the edge in a pure unbroken sheet of water.
Sculptural Metal Deer Antlers Cascading Fountain
This sculptural woodland creature-inspired outdoor fountain is handcrafted by artisans from metal into the shape of a large deer with seven levels of water cascading down from its antler points.
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Viper Dragon Sculptural Fountain
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Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
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Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
There are mere candles and then there are blazing hearths of fiery warmth, the Table Top Fireplace by designer Carl Mertens is something in between. This minature table top fireplace consists of two 18/10 stainless steel oil burning logs resting upon a natural slate base. It's beautiful and I would absolutely love to have it on my desk here at Green Head HQ.
Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
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Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
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Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
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Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
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Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
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Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
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Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
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