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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit

Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit

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If you've been searching everywhere for the perfect water fountain for either indoors or out, then simply make a custom one with your own design using this cool new Hydria Cordless Fountain Kit. This handy all-in-one kit lets you build your own custom water fountain with ease. Simply supply a water-tight pot or planter, get creative by adding stones, plants, decorative glass, or anything you wish, fill with water, and enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water. It features a cordless design that runs up to 120 hours on a state-of-the-art battery that quickly can be recharged, has built-in color LEDs to illuminate the water at night, multiple nozzles to choose from, and includes a handy remote. Not having to deal with pesky power cords gives plenty of placement options and design possibilities to really make some unique.

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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit
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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit
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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit
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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit
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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit
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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit
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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit
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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit
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