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Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit

Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit

Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit

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If you've been searching everywhere for the perfect water fountain for either indoors or out, then simply make a custom one with your own design using this cool new Hydria Cordless Fountain Kit. This handy all-in-one kit lets you build your own custom water fountain with ease. Simply supply a water-tight pot or planter, get creative by adding stones, plants, decorative glass, or anything you wish, fill with water, and enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water. It features a cordless design that runs up to 120 hours on a state-of-the-art battery that quickly can be recharged, has built-in color LEDs to illuminate the water at night, multiple nozzles to choose from, and includes a handy remote. Not having to deal with pesky power cords gives plenty of placement options and design possibilities to really make some unique.


  • Hydria Smart Fountain Kit
  • Transforms your favorite water-tight pot into a beautiful and soothing fountain
  • Now you can enjoy the sights and sounds of moving water in a fountain of your own creation!
  • All-in-one water fountain kit fits in most 12" diameter or larger pots or planters and is totally customizable
  • All-in-one kit transforms nearly any pot or planter into a gorgeous water feature
  • Rechargeable with an extra-long run time of 120 hours for maximum ease and enjoyment
  • Choose a watertight container, add the kit and customize the options for fountain height, timer and lights colors
  • Make your fountain a creative work of art using a variety of stones, tiles, decorative glass, plants and other unique accents
  • Cordless and cable-free for a beautiful display - no extraneous pieces, panels, electric cords, etc
  • No cords; use indoors or out with remote feature
  • The possibilities are endless
  • Red, green and blue LED light color choices
  • Multiple nozzles and fun accessories
  • Silent pump
  • Makes a great addition indoors or out: zen garden, patio, porch, memorial garden, rock garden, yoga studio, office, sunroom and more!
  • State-of-the-art battery and power management for maximum performance and quick charging
  • Kit includes water basin, display plate, pump, cascade fountain head, sprinkler fountain head and remote
  • Size: 11.5" dia. x 5.75" H

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