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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine

3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine

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Tired of endlessly staring at your phone for entertainment? Then relive the good old days of pumping quarters into a pinball machine down at the local arcade right in your very own home, minus the quarters, with this cool new ROKR 3D Pinball Machine. This miniature tabletop pinball machine is actually a challenging 482-piece 3D wooden puzzle that requires assembly before becoming a fully functional pinball game. It features precision laser-cut basswood pieces that join together without glue, working hand-controlled flippers, flashing lights and sound effects, electromagnetic ball hitters, multiple elevated ramps and tracks, precision scoring, a hidden pinball storage drawer, and a spring-loaded pull start. The only thing not included is around 10-12 hours of your time to complete it before becoming the undisputed pinball wizard of your family and friends. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine
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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine
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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine
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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine
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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine
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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine
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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine
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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine
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3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Machine
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