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Boo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke-Filled Bubble Maker

Boo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke-Filled Bubble Maker

Boo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke-Filled Bubble Maker


This cool new Boo Bubbles - Dry Ice Bubble Maker Kit from Steve Spengler Science is extra cool, literally, because it lets you learn about super cold dry ice by making fun smoke-filled bubbles that can be held, rolled, bounced, and then popped into a burst of smoke. The kit includes everything you need, minus the dry ice (available in local grocery stores), to start making smoke-filled bubbles of all sizes, including gigantic ones. Just be sure to wear the included bubble gloves for extra safety. It's perfect for kids to learn about dry ice with supervision from their parents or teachers, for curious adults to learn more about dry ice too, making spooky decorations and effects on Halloween, or just anytime because dry ice smoke-filled bubbles popping all over the place is kind of awesome. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • Boo Bubbles Dry Ice Smoke Bubble Activity Kit from Steve Spangler Science
  • Explore the science of dry ice with this fog-filled bubble maker
  • Roll them in your hands, bounce them off your sleeve, and pop them to release a burst of fog
  • When the bubble pops, a burst of fog is released
  • Giant Bubble: Cover a clean table surface with a thin layer of soap bubble solution - Hold the nozzle down and your bubble will just get bigger and bigger
  • Learn about the science of sublimation as dry ice turns from a solid directly into a gas
  • Study the rate of reaction as you experiment with different water temperatures
  • Learn about the factors that turn ordinary bubbles into super bouncing bubbles
  • Explore the ghostly science secrets behind dry ice bubbles
  • Hold, bounce, and squeeze using the included bubble gloves
  • An easy and safe way for parents and teachers to explore the fascinating (and super cool!) science of dry ice with fog-filled bubbles
  • Just fill the dry ice bubble generator with warm water and add a few pieces of dry ice
  • Then, dip the bubble blower in the solution
  • When the dry ice reacts with the water, smoke-filled bubbles are forced out of the bubble generator
  • By controlling the flow of the gas, it’s easy to make bubbles of any size
  • Perfect for Halloween, learning, or just for fun
  • Easy to Use; Fun for All Ages
  • Includes: Boo Bubble Generator, Bubble Blower and Tubing, Bubble Gloves, Bubble Solution, Mixing Cup, and a Hands-on science Activity Guide
  • Dry Ice not included

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