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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog

Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog

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When you combine balloon animals, dogs, and none of the messes and hassles of pet ownership, you get this cool new Squeakee. While it may look like a freshly inflated balloon animal, it's actually a high tech interactive robot dog that acts just like a balloon animal has come to life and wants to play. Pet its head to make it stand or sit, tickle its tummy to make it happy, scold it with your voice, train it with its squeaker toy to have it sit and beg, pop it with the pin to "deflate" it, or "re-inflate" it by placing the included pump up to its balloon knot nose. Just be careful not to overfeed it from the pump or it'll pee with a bright yellow light or rip a huge balloon animal fart. In addition to all of that interactive fun, it's capable of over 60 different sounds and movements and you'll never have to take it for a walk in the middle of a rainstorm or frigid winter. Unfortunately, your cat will stare at you and think you're just nuts.

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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog
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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog
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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog
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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog
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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog
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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog
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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog
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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog
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Squeakee - Balloon Animal Robot Dog
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