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Realistic Silicone Tree Bark Sheets

Realistic Silicone Tree Bark Sheets

Realistic Silicone Tree Bark Sheets

What could you use one square meter sheets of Silicone Tree Bark for? These ultra-realistic, soft silicone sheets of textured tree bark are perfect for disguising pipes and columns, transforming walls and floors, arts and crafts, photography backgrounds, theater and film productions, art installations, play and sensory rooms, theme park attractions and water parks, costumes, forest-themed displays, props and reproductions, hiding real tree damage, or anything else you can imagine. Since they are made from waterproof silicone, they can withstand hot and cold temperatures, are soft, flexible, and cuttable to work in a variety of installations, and are easily attached with weatherproof silicone adhesive or nails. Hmm, the tree bark sheets might attract seriously frustrated woodpeckers, but that might be fun to watch too.

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  • 1 square meter sheet of realistic soft silicone tree bark
  • Can withstand both high and low temperatures
  • The texture is clear, the stereoscopic sense is strong, and the effect is very realistic
  • Easy to install on carriers of different structures and shapes
  • Use on pipes, columns, walls, floors, theater productions, film sets, art installations, forest themes, photography, props, play and sensory rooms, special effects, costumes, arts and crafts, and so much more.
  • Can be cut to size
  • Attach with neutral silicone weatherproof adhesive or nails
  • Size: 39.37" x 39.37"

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