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Terra Cotta Microwave Flower Press

Terra Cotta Microwave Flower Press

Terra Cotta Microwave Flower Press

If you love to press flowers, but don't enjoy waiting up to a month for them to dry under a heavy book, then check out this cool new Terra Cotta Microwave Flower Press. In only 30 seconds, now you can press and dry your favorite colorful blooms right inside the microwave. To use, place the absorbent wool pad on top of the bottom terra cotta tile followed by the cotton liner, then spread your flowers across the surface without overlapping, add the second cotton layer, absorbent pad, and terra cotta tile, and microwave for 30 seconds (repeat if necessary until dry). Now there's barely any wait from snipping a flower from your garden to using its pressed and dried bloom in various creative craft projects, framed art, or flower journals. It also makes a great gift.

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