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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker

Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker

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Make tasty, gourmet homemade butters in no time with this cool new Chef'n Buttercup Butter Maker. Instead of messing with a full-blown churn or just simply visiting a supermarket, all you need to do is add a cup of room temperature heavy whipping cream, shake it up for a few minutes, strain off the buttermilk using the built-in sieve, rinse off the separated butter a couple of times with cold water, mix in optional salt, garlic, herbs, or other flavor-enhancing ingredients, and enjoy. Best of all, it's no longer a boring rectangular stick and you're free to form it into any cool shape you want or just serve it up in the jar's bottom that doubles as a ramekin.

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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
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Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
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