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Quirky Bloom - Retractable Whisk

Quirky Bloom - Retractable Whisk

Quirky Bloom - Retractable Whisk

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A whisk is a handy utensil in the kitchen for whipping things up, but due to its wide teardrop shape, it's not easy to store without wasting precious space. The solution is this cool new Quirky Bloom. This ingenious double balloon whisk has an innovative retractable and removable head that makes it simple to store and clean. It features silicone coated ends for safely whisking on coated or nonstick surfaces, a covered retracting system that prevents food from entering the handle and one piece tip so food doesn't get caught in the wire tangle. As far as kitchen whisks go, this one is pure excitement.


  • Whisk head retracts into handle for clutter-free storage
  • Double balloon head introduces more air into food, for better and faster results
  • Silicone ends allow for whisking on coated surfaces and at high heat
  • Whisk head is completely removable for cleaning
  • Tip of whisk is connected in one piece so that food particles can’t get stuck in a wire tangle
  • Retracting mechanism is covered so that food cannot enter handle
  • Loop on handle allows whisk to be hung

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