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Van Vacter Pumpkin Melon Knife

Van Vacter Pumpkin Melon Knife

Van Vacter Pumpkin Melon Knife

Once again, Halloween is upon us and it's time to carve up those poor, innocent pumpkins and transform them into menacingly evil jack-o-lanterns. Don't just use any old blade, do the job right and slice up those gourds with surgical precision using the hardcore Van Vacter Pumpkin Melon Knife. It features an easily maneuverable Smart Blade that has large grooves for sawing through thick surfaces and small grooves for fine detailed carving and an ergonomic Power Handle that gives the carver a firm, non-slip grip. This durable knife is built-to-last and perfect for carving pumpkins every Halloween and slicing up watermelons, cantaloupes and more the rest of the year.

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