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Machete BBQ Spatula

Machete BBQ Spatula

Machete BBQ Spatula

When wielding this cool new Machete BBQ Spatula, you'll be flipping, turning, and removing foods on the grill as easily as clearing a path through a dense tropical jungle with an actual machete. This hardcore machete-shaped spatula is forged from stainless steel, equipped with a durable oak handle, and outfitted with three, yep, three built-in survival bottle openers reminiscent of saw teeth. Best of all, it includes a bandana to wear as you swelter in the steamy summer air over the fiery hot grill... again, with a machete in hand.

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  • Machete-shaped BBQ spatula
  • Perfect for flipping meat
  • Trio of bottle openers
  • Oak handle
  • Stainless steel blade

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